Haley Schafer

Full-Stack Software Developer


I am currently a Learning Success Software Developer and the Learning Success Team Lead at Code Institute working with Front-End and Back-End technologies to improve software systems, grow lesson content, develop analytics programs, and support student progress.

Timing Assistant
Flask, JavaScript, MongoDB

A stopwatch to time multiple athletes simultaneously in swimming and track.

PC Swimming
Django, Python, AWS

An e-commerce site for PC Swimming and Diving for swimmers and alumni.

Give A GIF
RESTful API, React, Flask, Python

A random GIF generator using an API and a backend.

Bop It! Game
JavaScript, jQuery, HTML

Inspired by the children's game, optimised for desktop and mobile.

COVID 19 Graphs
Semantic UI, DC.js, D3.js

Data visualization of the impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic around the world.

World Wide Weather
JavaScript, API, HTML, CSS

Using an API, search for the current weather data for a location.